Outdoor Range Rules

Range Rules


Daily shooting hours are: 9 AM to Sunset. (No Exceptions)


When a Range Officer is present on the range, all firing will be under his/her supervision.

Eye & ear protection is required at all times on the ranges.

Membership cards must be in your possession and shown upon request along with proof of identification if requested.

Any member loaning his or her membership card to another for club facilities use will be expelled from the club.

No junior member (under the age of 18) may use a range unless accompanied by an adult.   *(Archery age is 16 and under).

NYS Law Prohibits Anyone UNDER Twelve (12) Years of Age From Using a Long Gun.  Airguns are excluded.

Alcoholic beverages, drugs, intoxication, disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and are prohibited on any range.

No profane or abusive language is permitted.

Clowning or trick shooting is prohibited. No horseplay will be tolerated.

Anyone caught defacing club equipment or property will be expelled from the club and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns (with slugs ONLY) may be used on the rifle range.

Patterning of shotguns shall be done in the designated area, which is located to the far right of the trap house.

No live ammo or miss-fired ammunition is to be placed in the trash barrels.

All rifle and/or pistol actions MUST be opened, chambers empty and magazines removed (if possible) at ALL times when persons are downrange. Rifles and/or pistols unattended behind the firing line MUST also have actions opened and magazines removed (if possible). A cased firearm meets the listed criteria.

If a malfunction of a loaded rifle or pistol occurs: The person having the misfire MUST call for a CEASE FIRE. ALL firing will cease until the firearm is cleared. Any attempts to clear the firearm MUST have the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. (Down range, directed to the impact areas and the ground). NO ONE is to go forward of the line while a firearm is being cleared.

All rifle and pistol firing must be directed at paper targets fastened to the plywood backboards. All bullets must enter earthen backstops. Firing at the wooden Posts is expressly forbidden.

Only shoot PAPER TARGETS. No shooting Clay Birds, cans, bottles, or other debris.

All persons NOT in the act of firing MUST remain behind the shooting benches.

Make sure that everyone has “made safe” before going down range.

No handling firearms behind the shooting benches.

No rapid fire (Shooting as fast as possible to simulate full auto)

No Armor piercing or Tracer ammunition.

No Full Auto/ Bump firing.

Report any unsafe behavior immediately.

Pick up brass and trash when done shooting (Brass goes in the barrels, not in the gravel!)

Bring targets in when done shooting.


Any infraction of the above rules and regulations will result in immediate suspension of membership and possible expulsion pending a review by the board of directors.