Bi - Laws









Approved March 20th 2024 to take effect same date.




              Article I                                                                   Name and Purpose

              Article II                                                                   Management

              Article III                                                                 Officers and Their Selection

              Article IV                                                                 Duties of Officers

              Article V                                                                 Meetings

              Article VI                                                                 Committees

              Article VII                                                               Membership

              Article VIII                                                               Dues

              Article IX                                                                 Expulsion

              Article X                                                                 Reinstatement

              Article XI                                                                 Clubhouse and Ground Rules

              Article XII                                                               Finance

              Article XIII                                                               Amendments

Article I


Section 1.      This Club shall be known as the R.C. SPORTSMEN’S CLUB, INC.                                                                            and by no other name. 

Section 2.      The purpose for which this Club is organized are to conserve, restore and manage the                                          game, fish and other wildlife and its habitat; seek to obtain better fishing and hunting                                          for sportsmen; promote and maintain friendly relations between landowners and                                                sportsmen; and to promote respect for, and observation of, the fish and game laws. 
Section 3.     The Club shall operate without profit, be non-political and non-sectarian

Article II


Section 1.                 The Management of the Club shall be vested on the Executive                                                       Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Recording                                                           Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and a six-member                                                            Board of Directors.

Article III


Section 1.                 The President has the power to select a five-member nominating                                                                        committee in the month of January. These five members are to nominate                                                            qualified Active or Honorary members who they believe are best suited for office.                                               These names will then be brought up to the floor at the February meeting for                                                     approval or disapproval by the Club membership. Any other names of persons to                                                 be considered   for office must be presented at this meeting. At the March                                                         meeting only the names of the members accepted by the Club membership                                                        at the February meeting will be voted on. The election of new officers will be                                                      determined by a majority of the members and Honorary members voting at March                                                 meeting.                       

Section 2.                 The Executive Board shall be elected yearly. Every year, two members shall be                                                     elected for a three-year term on the Board of Directors. 

Section 3.                 In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Board of Directors shall recommend an                                               Active or Honorary member to fill the vacated position. This recommendation shall                                               be voted on at the next monthly meeting to fill the unexpired term until the next                                                 general election.

Section 4.                If an officer is absent for three consecutive monthly membership or monthly board                                             meetings without a valid reason, The Executive Board shall, by a unanimous vote.                                                 deem the office vacated.

Article IV


Section 1.                 Management shall have charge of the affairs of the Club between meetings and                                                  shall meet at such times as the President may designate. The Management shall                                                  have the power, at its discretion, to examine the books and accounts of any officer                                              or committee. It shall make a report of its proceedings at the next meeting of the                                                membership. After the report of the proceeding held by Management the Club                                                      shall hold discussions on the report and, by vote, determine on a course of action                                                most beneficial to the Club’s best interest. Management may also make decisions                                                between meetings for the good of the Club per Article 12 Section 3 The Board of                                                 Directors shall assist the Executive Board in their duties. They shall make regulations                                           regarding Grounds, Clubhouse and Equipment. They also will be responsible   for                                                 recovering Club property as deemed necessary.           

Section 2.                 The President shall preside over monthly membership and Executive Board meetings                                           and maintain order; shall make appointments of all committees and special officers,                                           shall vote only in case of a tie; and shall be a member of all committees. The                                                       President shall call a meeting of Management upon the written request of two (2)                                                 members. Seven (7) Management members shall constitute a quorum. 

Section 3.                 The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the                                               President; shall assist the President at all meetings the President presides over and                                              head the Sickness and Health committee.            

 Section 4.                 The Financial Secretary shall keep a current financial statement of all member’s dues;                                        shall receive and handle all financial correspondence of the Club.

 Section 5.                 The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of all meetings and handle                                         all non–financial correspondence            

Section 6.                 The Treasurer shall have charge of all finances of the Club; shall give a report of the                                            financial standing at every meeting.

   Section 7.                In the event that both the President and Vice President are absent, the Senior Board                                          member present shall preside over meetings.

Article V


  Section 1.                 The regular membership meeting of the Club shall be on the Third Wednesday of                                                 each month at 7:00PM. The Annual meeting will be held prior to the April                                                             membership meet. The roll book for the regular and annual membership shall                                                     be closed one half hour after the start of the meeting. Members (as defined in                                                     article VII) arriving after the book is closed shall be allowed to vote on issues                                                      provided that the member is present for the discussion of the entire issue. The                                                    meeting will not count toward attaining or maintaining Active membership status                                                once the roll book is closed. The time the roll book is closed shall be recorded. 

 Section 2.               In the event of the need for a special meeting, a committee appointed by the                                                       President shall notify all members of the meeting at least three (3) days in advance. 

  Section 3.              All meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order and open                                                    discussion from the floor shall be permitted and encouraged. A copy of Roberts Rules                                          of Order shall be at the Club for reference as needed. 

Section 4.             No person, who is not a member of the Club, shall be present at a meeting of the                                               Club unless a member, who has the consent of the President, has specifically invited                                           him/her. 

Section 5.            Notice will be given to each member of the Club of every Annual meeting.           

Section 6.            At the Monthly and Annual membership, no less than ten (10) Active and/or Honorary members                            or any combination Thereof shall constitute a quorum for all matters relating                                                      to the Club. 

Section 7.            At meetings of the Board of Directors, four (4) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum                           and a majority vote of the Directors present at any such meeting shall prevail.

Article VI


  Section 1.        The Delegated committees of the R-C Sportsmen’s Club are, but not limited to the following:                                 A. Nominating                                                                                                                                                 B. Fishing Derby                                                                                                                                               C. Club Rental                                                                                                                                                 D. Raffle                                                                                                                                                         E. Hunter Safety                                                                                                                                             F.  Archery (Including Children’s)                                                                                                                       G. Cleaning                                                                                                                                                     H. Grounds                                                                                                                                                     I.  Horse Shoes                                                                                                                                              J. Range                                                                                                                                                          K. Web/ social media                                                                                                                                        L. Kitchen                                                                                                                                                      M. Peanuts, Candy & Refreshments                                                                                                                    N. Pistol                                                                                                                                                          O. Trap                                                                                                                                                            P. Special Meetings (See Article V Section 2)                                                                                                      Q. Darts                                                                                                                                                          R. Bi-Laws                                                                                                                                                      S. Greene County Alliance                                                                                                                                T. Sickness and Health                                                                                                                                    U. Hats & Coats 

Section 2.      Sickness and Health Committee (Duties and Responsibilities) It shall be the duty of this committee                      to report all known sickness of members to the Club and render fitting aid and encouragement.                            They shall when deem proper, show our token of thought in a suitable manner. Upon the death of a                      member, this committee will see to it that proper acknowledgement is made. 

Section 3.     New committees may be appointed by the President and the Board of Directors according to the                           needs and requirements of the Club. 

Section 4.     The President may, for the good of the Club, recall and disband any appointed committee. 

Section 5.     The head or chairperson of any committee must be a member of the R-C Sportsmen’s Club in good                      standing. 

Section 6.      All committee heads/chairpersons will by virtue of their role be Active members. 

Section 7.      All committee members must be members of the R-C Sportsmen’s Club

Article VII


Section 1.         An individual seeking membership in the R.C. Sportsmen’s Club must be proposed by one (1) and                          endorsed by a second (2nd) Honorary or Active member. A completed Club application must be                            submitted to the Board of Directors. An application fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) and a fifteen-                            dollar ($15.00) key card deposit must also be included with the application to the Club. Upon                                receiving the application, the fee and deposit, the Board of Directors will schedule an interview                            with the applicant. The Board of Directors will make a decision as to accept or deny the                                      applicants request to join the Club. If the Board accepts the applicants request for membership,                          the members of the Club will vote on acceptance of the applicant. If membership is                                             denied the fifteen-dollar ($15.00) key card deposit will be returned to the applicant.                                            Upon separation from the Club a member must return his/her key card. If the key card is returned                        in working order the fifteen-dollar ($15.00) deposit fee that was paid for the key card will be                                returned. In the event the key card is not returned in working order the fifteen-dollar ($15.00)                             deposit that was paid for will be forfeited.                                                                                                         Any member who loses, destroys, or otherwise renders the key card inoperable will forfeit their                             fifteen-dollar ($15.00) key card deposit. A member may request a replacement key card. An                                   additional fifteen-dollar ($15.00) deposit will be required prior to the new card being issued.

                    Only members who have paid the fifteen ($15.00) key card deposit fee shall be entitled to a                                  refund when the card is returned to the Club in working order.                                                                            Membership to the R.C. Sportsmen’s Club shall be confined to persons which are citizens of the                            United States, of good moral character and who meet such additional requirements may be                                  contained in any law or regulation applicable to this Club. Membership in this Club entails, in part,                        returning all raffle tickets to the raffle committee at least one (1) week prior to the regular                                  October membership meeting.                                                                                                                         The membership of the R.C. Sportsmen’s Club shall be divided into five classes, Honorary, Active,                         Social, Junior-Active and Junior. Maximum membership for the Honorary, Active, and Social                                 members of the Club shall be three hundred (300) 

Section 2.      HONORARY members shall be active members in good standing, have served as such for at least                          five (5) years of consecutive active membership and have attained the age of sixty-five (65). Any                            member meeting the above criteria may request Honorary membership from the Board of Directors.                      Upon verification of the active members qualifications, the Board of Directors shall present                                  the request to the membership for vote.                                                                                                            Honorary members are eligible to vote on any and all Club matters.                                                                    Honorary members are eligible to hold a management position. 

Section 3.      ACTIVE members must attend four (4) regular monthly membership meetings per year. Active                              members must serve on two (2) committees or work two (2) work parties or a combination                                  thereof per year. All Active members except Junior-Active are eligible to hold a management                                position. Management members are exempt from committees and work parties. Active members                          are eligible to vote on any and all Club matters.


Section 4.     SOCIAL members shall serve a probationary period of one (1) year from the time their membership                        is approved. To become an Active member the Social member must prove to the Board of                                    Directors their willingness to actively serve the Club. They must serve on four (4) committees or                            participate in four (4) work parties or a combination thereof. They must also attend six (6)                                    regular monthly membership meetings within this one (1) year period. (A Social member is not                              required to become an Active member). A Social member may become an Active member by                                fulfilling these requirements and requesting Active status from the Board of Directors. Upon                                verification of the Social members qualification, the Board of Directors shall present the request to                      the membership for vote.                                                                                                                                A Social member shall enjoy the privileges of Honorary and Active members. Social members may                        vote on Club matters. Social members are not eligible to vote on financial matters or hold a                                  management position. 

Section 5.     JUNIOR-ACTIVE member shall be at least twelve (12) and less than twenty-one (21) years of age.                           They may attend monthly membership meetings and have a voice in Club matters.                                               Junior-Active members twelve (12) thru seventeen (17) years of age are ineligible to vote on any Club                     matter. Attaining the age of eighteen (18) a Junior-Active member is eligible to vote on any and                             all Club matters. Junior-Active members must subscribe to the requirements of Active membership                     in order to maintain their Junior-Active status. Advancement from Junior member to                                          Junior-Active member must be approved by the Board of Directors. Junior-Active members are                             ineligible to hold a management position or to possess a Club key card. (Junior-Active and Junior                         members shall pay the same as it relates to dues). 

Section 6.    JUNIOR members shall be at least twelve (12) and less then twenty-one (21) years of age. They may,                      but are not required to, attend regular monthly membership meetings. Junior members shall have a                      voice in Club matters. Junior members twelve (12) thru seventeen (17) years of age are ineligible to                        vote on any Club matters. Attaining the age of eighteen (18) a Junior member is eligible to vote on                        Club matters. Junior members are ineligible to vote on financial matters. A Junior member can                              achieve Junior-Active status by serving on four (4) committees or participating in four (4) work                              parties or a combination thereof in a year. Advancement from Junior to Junior-Active must be                              approved the Board of Directors. A Junior member is ineligible to hold a management position or to                      possess a Club key card.                                                                                                                                  A parent or legal guardian must sign the application for Junior membership. (Junior and Junior-Active                    members shall pay the same as it relates to dues)

Article VIII



Section 1.           Annual dues for Active members shall be eighty dollars (80.00); Annual dues for Social members                           shall be one hundred dollars (100.00). Annual dues for Junior members shall be ten dollars                                  (10.00). Dues for Honorary members shall be ten dollars (10.00). Up to ten dollars (10.00) of the                              dues may be deferred through the sale of raffle tickets. Raffle tickets shall be issued at the                                  annual membership meeting held in April. The raffle will be held at the October membership                                meeting. The membership year shall run from April 1 through March 31. 

Section 2.          Dues for the year shall be paid at the annual meeting, but no later than the end of April. Any                                member who has not paid their annual dues by the end of April will be considered                                              delinquent and dropped from the membership roll.                             

Section3.         Any member entering the Armed Forces shall be carried as a                                                                              member until their return from active duty. 

Section 4.        A member suffering a hardship may by the recommendation the Management, be relieved of                                payment of dues.  


Section 5.       The yearly dues must be paid in full within sixty (60) days of notification of membership or the                              initiation fee will be forfeited and the application will be considered withdrawn. If membership is                          still desired, a complete application including the initiation fee of fifteen dollars (15.00) must be                            resubmitted. Individuals attaining membership on or after the regular September membership                              meeting shall pay ninety dollars (90.00) dues but will not be issued raffle tickets unless                                        specifically requested. There will be a ten-dollar (10.00) charge for the requested raffle tickets.                            The sale of these tickets may be used for dues deferral.                                                       

Section 6.        Yearly dues will not be prorated regardless of what time of the year an individual is approved for                          membership.

Article IX

                    ARTICLE IX – EXPULSION 

Section 1.        Any member may be expelled from the Club for just cause provided that the accused has been:                                   A. Served with a notice of expulsion. This notice will be served to the accused by first class                                     mail and by certified mail, receipt requested. The notice must list any and all of the                                             reasons that may be cause for expulsion. The notice of expulsion must be signed by a                                         majority of the Board of Directors.                                                      

                             B. These charges must be received by the accused at least seven (7) days in advance of the                                     next regular Board meeting.

                            C. The accused shall have the right to attend this Board meeting and will have the opportunity                                  to present his/her case.

                              D. If, after an investigation and examination by the Board, the Board decides an expulsion                                        serves the best interests of the Club, the Board shall notify the accused member’s rights                                    of access to the Club will be suspended. Their key card will be deactivated and the                                              member will not be allowed on Club property. 

Section 2.     The matter of expulsion will be reported to the membership at the next regular monthly                                       membership meeting. The suspended/accused member may attend this meeting. At this meeting the                     accused member may present their case to the membership either verbally or in writing. 

Section 3.    The matter of expulsion will be voted on at the next regular monthly membership meeting. The                            recommendation for expulsion must made by the Board and the matter will be decided by secret                          ballot of the members present and voting. The ballot shall carry only if two-thirds (2/3) or more of                        the members voting approve the expulsion. 

Section 4.   The notification of expulsion and the results of the vote shall be sent to the accused by first class                        mail and by certified mail, return receipt requested. A majority of the Board must sign this notice and                    inform the accused of their status, either expelled or returned to Active member status.              

Section 5.    All correspondence from the Club to the accused must be sent by the Recording Secretary. 

Section 6.    Upon notification of expulsion the accused shall have thirty (30) days to return any Club property in                       his/her possession to any Board member. This Board member will then return the property to the                         Club.

Article X


Section 1.         Any member dropped from the membership roll for non-payment of dues may be reinstated at                             the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

Section 2.        Any member who is reinstated by the Board of Directors must comply with the provisions stated                          in Article VIII -dues Section 1, Section 5 and Section 6. Also, the reinstated member must pay a                            fifteen (15.00) reinstatement fee. These terms must be completed for the reinstatement to be                              activated. 

Section 3.        Any former member who resigned in good standing may apply for reinstatement at any regular                              membership meeting. Such applicant may be reinstated by a majority vote of the members                                  present at this meeting. Payment of annual dues according to Article VIII – Dues must be                                    completed for the reinstatement to take place.                                                                   Section 4.       Former members who are reinstated will not be required to pay past annual dues with the                                   exception of the current year as stated in Article VIII – Dues, Section 1.

Article XI


Section 1.      Any member may bring two guests to the Clubhouse. The member will be responsible and liable for                      his/her guest's actions. 

Section 2.     Members only will be allowed to hunt on Club property. 

Section 3.     Members may rent the Clubhouse for a fee set forth by the Board of Directors. A deposit of one                           hundred dollars (100.00) must be submitted along with the rental fee at least two weeks in advance                     of the event. The member who rents the Clubhouse for an event will not be subject to the two                             guest’s clause of Section 1 of this article during the course of the event. The member who rents the                     Clubhouse will be responsible and liable for the attendees at the event. The member will also be                         responsible for any cleaning required due to the nature of the event. After the event is over, Board                       members will inspect the Clubhouse for damage and to ensure clean-up is completed. After a                             satisfactory inspection the $100.00 deposit will be returned to the member. 

Section 4.    All members in good standing shall not be deprived of his/her Club rights provided it does not                              interfere with Club functions or rentals. 

Section 5.    It is the responsibility of all members to keep the Clubhouse and grounds in good condition. 

Section 6.    There shall be NO loaded firearms on the main floor of the Clubhouse. 

Section 7.     Club property (tables, chairs, etc.) may not be borrowed except for Club sanctioned functions,

Article XII


Section 1.         Management shall audit books annually. 

Section 2.        Management shall designate the bank or banks in which Club funds shall be deposited. 

Section 3.        Management shall have the authority to make emergency expenditures not to exceed $999.99                              (nine hundred ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents) between regular monthly membership                            meetings, with the exception of a catastrophic emergency. 

Section 4.        Any expenditure in excess of $1000.00 (one thousand) dollars must be presented at a regular                                monthly membership meeting. The proposed expenditure will be discussed, tabled, posted and                            placed on the agenda for the next regular monthly membership meeting for vote. 

Section 5.        It is understood and agreed to at the time of the Club property only Active and Honorary members                        will equally share in all profits resulting from the sale of the Club, Land and any other assets                                owned by the R.C. Sportsmen’s Club, Inc.

Article XIII


Section 1.       Amendments to the By-Laws of the R.C. Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. may be proposed and presented by                       any Active and/or Honorary member. The proposed amendment(s) shall be presented to the                                 membership at any regular monthly membership meeting. 

Section 2.      The proposed amendment(s) will be discussed, tabled, posted and placed on the agenda for the                           next regular monthly membership meeting for vote. 

Section 3.      Any amendment(s) to the by-laws must be approved by a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority vote of the                              members present at the meeting who are eligible to vote on Club matters.